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Flash Fiction on the Spot - Prompt #2

Here is a photo prompt from my Instagram feed @tdb_writes I intend to write a 100 word flash to this prompt. Check back for my finished story. Feel free to comment. Or write your own and post here or include a link here so we can read it.

Here is my response to the above prompt.

A Swift Escape

He scrambled from the room, his father chasing him clumsily with the belt. The boy flew down the stairs, his feet barely touching a step.

He grasped the newel post to swing himself out the door the way a discus thrower winds up and lets loose.

He spotted the faded horse and jumped in the saddle. With a swift kick the plastic horse reared his head, steam escaping his nostrils.

The horse pried himself from the tangle, the squeaky springs popping from the strain. His legs wobbly, he took off with his rider across the lawn and into the sunset.

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