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Flash Fiction on the Spot - Prompt #1

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

I use flash fiction as a way to keep my creative juices flowing. Normally they are just for my eyes. If I particularly love one, I may work it over until I can submit it somewhere. But I decided that I would start sharing here and hold myself accountable while trying to encourage interaction from other writers.

Usually, I find a prompt, give myself a half hour with a timer, and produce a 100 word piece that pushes me outside the borders of my current writing. I strive for a story rather than a snapshot, but my self-imposed constraints sometimes won't allow for it. I find that a timer and a prompt work miracles in releasing creativity - there isn't enough time to censor myself.

I will supply both my prompt and my finished product here. Some prompts are my own, some I borrow from others. I love photo prompts so those will be common. In fact I purchased several photography books just for this purpose.

I encourage you to write along with me. Share, comment and please link back here when possible.

My first Flash Fiction on the Spot is from a photo prompt offered by Claire Fuller. You can find her prompt and her flash response here:

Here is my Flash Fiction on the Spot #1:

The Rare Sound of Footfalls

The sun is sinking, the shadows long, but still he blinks away the brightness. He has no papers, no official reason to be out there where the invisible threat lurks. He has no choice. It’s now or never.

His first steps are furtive. His head is down, as if looking up might invite notice. Although he now knows that what he can’t see, can hurt him.

A stray cat runs from the rare sound of footfalls. He reaches the empty piazza and sprints to the other side.

He looks up at her window. He knocks and waits.

Knocks and waits.

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